Ways to Stay Safe With Cloud Storage

Online file storage is a flourishing market with companies such as Dropbox and Carbonite boasting millions of new customers over the past a number of years. The popularity of cloud storage is no surprise. It is also not unusual that security issues afflict the market.


With high profile hacking efforts on companies as big as Sony, it is completely reasonable to ask yourself if on-line file storage truly is all that risk-free. The cloud will never be as secure from hackers as locking things in a fire resistant secure at the bank, however there are specific safety measures that you could take shield your digital possessions.

Cloud Storage

1. Select the ideal supplier

The very best thing you could do to keep your files secure in the cloud is to select the ideal storage supplier. Some storage companies just have much better records for security than others.

For instance, Dropbox has experienced a number of major security breaches for many years.|Dropbox has experienced from a number of major security breaches over the years.} SpiderOak, on the various other hand, has preserved an ideal record for security over that time.

There are two things to search for in a storage supplier. First, search for a zero-knowledge data backup supplier.|Look for a zero-knowledge data backup supplier.} Zero-knowledge data backup implies that the company keeps such stringent security requirements that not even workers of the company could get into your information.

The second thing to search for is file encryption. Make certain that your file storage supplier encrypts files before transmission and throughout transmission. Modern file encryption techniques are unbreakable by even the most effective computer systems.

Cloud Storage

Both Backblaze and SpiderOak satisfy these security requirements. Backblaze is created as a limitless data backup supplier, while SpiderOak is created as a file syncing tool. You could had a look at either site to identify which storage supplier finest suits your requirements.

2. Encrypt before you upload

Regardless of who you select for cloud storage, you’ll have to put a little trust in them. Even if they guarantee the very best security requirements on the planet, you still have to rely on that exactly what they state is real. If you have especially sensitive info and you don’t wish to take even the tiniest danger, you could encrypt your files your own self before you upload them.

It’s really not all that difficult to encrypt files on your own. All you have to do is head over to TrueCrypt.org and download the cost-free software. The site also has easy tutorials that reveal you, step by step, ways to encrypt folders and files utilizing TrueCrypt.

By encrypting files your own self in your home, you understand for a fact that those files have been completely encrypted. Furthermore, you are the only person with the file encryption secret. Even if the government orders your storage supplier to hand over all your info, the only thing they would certainly obtain is a lot of encrypted gibberish.

3. Back Up Your Data backups

Regardless of exactly how numerous security safety measures you take, there is always a little danger forthcoming things online. Hurricanes could wipe out information centers and hackers could shut down big swaths of the web. For that reason, I suggest keeping more than one data backup available.

You could save one set of data backups in the cloud and one set on an exterior hard drive in your home. The probabilities of anything occurring to both data backups are extremely reduced. This offers optimal security without costing an arm and a leg.

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